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St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Richmond, Virginia
Advent Paraments and Vestments
Adrian Luxmoore

The following pages show images of a set of paraments and vestments created for St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Richmond VA. The church is a historic building located in the heart of the city. It is lit by a number of stained glass windows, many from the Tiffany studio. Above the main altar is a mosaic reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's depiction of the Last Supper. The paraments and vestments were created with a view to complementing these decorations. Some of the images in the paraments used images in the windows as a basis.

The paraments and vestments are all silk. The foreground materials are a heavy weight crepe backed silk satin, used with both the satin and the crepe sides exposed. The background is formed from hand dyed raw silk noile.

The following items were included in the set"

High altar frontal
Reversible cover/frontal for a free standing altar used during Eucharist.
Pulpit and Lectern Frontals
Three stoles
Chalice veil and burse

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